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Supports communities to create data as a commons and create universal value.

I see that we’re now on a crossroad to safeguard our core values as a society as we’re all living more and more in the digital space.

We’ve become increasingly dependent on the availability, the integrity, the quality and trustworthiness of data as a carrier of our common insights and knowledge.

Trust is crucial in our human interaction. It influences our communication, cooperation, and knowledge creation directly. When entering the digital space, data curation and technology orchestration will always shape these interactions: we as humans determine whether this will support our democratic and social values or not!

Crazy enough we’re still not aware of this deficiency! This has driven me for years. To search for the fundamental design to support trusted virtual connectivity and synthesize data commons value in our universal digital space.

Today I will share my mission with you as it determines how we, as a society, care for each other and ultimately monitor the biodiversity of our planet and its future generations. The legacy I want to leave behind is to have help built communities that took control of their data and created value with it as a commons for society and the universal space.

This datarentmeester blog space invites you to support the above mission and add your knowledge and insight contributions to it.

I Work As Advisor, Carelliance Founder, Co-founder

My Approach & Values

Curated data needs to be available for now and future generations.  The key enabling service to achieve this is orchestrating data curation. Orchestration is driven by the mission or purpose of an organization or team. The policy/strategy is linked to the employees and partner suppliers of the organization, who work together to provide services for their customers. Data and technology in the form of applications (software) and infrastructure (storage and compute) support these services and make it possible to scale. However, technology needs to be regarded as a utility with a shortening lifetime. The above challenge requires a collaborative multidisciplinary team that shares a passion to create value with data for their stakeholders and treat it as a commons. They also share an interest in discovering new technologies and continuous learning that is not limited to their own area of expertise. As a result they participate in multiple communities.

I enjoy working with people and their stakeholder ecosystem in the above setting. I support them by synthesizing and pushing the boundaries by working back from the future.


My Experience

  • International Business Development
  • International Research collaboration
  • Data curation by design
  • Next Generation Internet &  Ledger
  • Data co-operatives & commons ecosystems

My Education

  • Entrepreneur
  • Governance Board Masterclass
  • MBA
  • Physics, BSc


Carelliance develops trusted data concepts and solutions

Trusted Advisor

Peter Walgemoed advises clients on data curation, technology orchestration through data commons and their ecosystems


LabSpace Cooperative UA.

We curate data as a commons and synthesize value for our members, their communities, society and a biodiverse planet-universe

Peter Walgemoed is an expert in healthcare where he specializes in data curation. He has developed a high-quality ecosystem of privacy protection by various developers as a trendsetter in the healthcare market. In this development he thinks from the end user's perspective and responds to developments that also collect information about themselves and add it to their personal data collection. He has realistic ideas about how the relationship between patients and these digital developments will change. In addition, he has a strong vision of the structural changes that lie ahead with regard to the organization of health care. In our projects he is absolutely creative and bold.

Prof. dr. Wim de Ridder, director Futures Studies, professor of Future Research Twente University (2003 – 2015)

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